How Our Comprehensive Scoring System Works


Round 1. Preliminary Scoring

After submission, each band is reviewed and scored on multiple aspects of their Social Media Presence & Activity such as, how many Likes, Followers, Views & Daily Activity each bands social media page generates as well as the overall professionalism of their pages & website. After review, each band will be given a score determining whether or not they will continue onto the next round. 



Round 2. Live Performance Scoring

Once a band has been selected to perform at the Battle of The Bands they will be given a 30 minute set. A 15 minute setup & Line Check as well as a 15 minute tear down time. They will be scored on all aspects of their live performance. Everything from Stage Presence to Crowd Participation.

Below are just a few of the aspects each band will be judged and scored on:

• Stage Presence • Crowd Participation • Vocals • Fan Attendance • Setup & Line Check time



Round 3. Selecting The Winners

Once every band has performed live on one of the two dates, our judges will tally up all the points generated throughout the entire process and the Winners will be announced along with the FULL OakHeart Artist lineup!

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